Sunday, September 3, 2017

Garuda Indonesia Experience From Singapore to London

I went for Europe trip last December and it was my longest flight that I ever had. I was terrified that I couldn't cope being inside closed room (I'm a bit claustrophobic) and above air for 14 hours long. But luckily I didn't fly alone and my experience with Garuda Indonesia airline was enjoyable.

Some details of my flight that time:
From: Changi Airport T3, Singapore
To: Heathrow Airport, London, UK
Flight: GA0086
Time: 11AM

The entertainment system was a bit old and slow though. The movie choices was not really updated.

entertainment system

 Blanket and pillow were provided for all passenger when on board.
pillow and blanket

I was worried that the seat wouldn't be comfortable and I would get difficulty to sleep. The reclining seat was apparently comfortable, even for my parents, they also felt so. The leg room was also still acceptable. There's foot rest available.

comfortable reclining seat
 Every passenger will be given amenities pouch too. Inside there's a pair of thin sock, earplug, and eye mask.

The on board food was not bad.


Overall, it was a good flight. I don't remember we had bad turbulence. The food was good, entertainment system can be better, the seat was comfortable and

Monday, July 24, 2017

Book Review: Basic Principles of Classical Ballet

Hi fellow adult ballet learner,

I would like to share one useful book if you're just start picking up adult ballet, Basic Principles of Classical Ballet by Agrippina Vaganova. Maybe you heard of Vaganova ballet school in Russia. Yes, this book was written by Vaganova herself. Vaganova created a systematic ballet teaching system and is considered the best method so far.

Basic Principles of Classical Ballet - Agrippina Vaganova
Basic Principles of Classical Ballet - Agrippina Vaganova

The book was first released in year 1946 and has been republished since then. It covers all the fundamental theories of ballet movements, accompanied by 118 illustrations. It also includes the sample lessons with music accompaniment. It covers basic concepts of ballet, battements, rotary movements of the legs, the arms, jumps, beats, pointe work and turns.

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It's really a great accompaniment book for adult ballet beginner. It explains in details how the learner should do the movements. It's great that there are illustrations provided so learners can pick up the movements accurately and faster.

If you're thinking to purchase this Basic Principle of Classical Ballet book, get it here with discounted price and free shipping all around the world.

Tips on taking adult beginner ballet

Sunday, July 23, 2017

10-month Journey of Adult Ballet

10 month of adult ballet journey

Time flies! It's been 10 months now since I took my very first ballet class last year. It's been a tough period in the beginning, a lot of times I had contemplation whether to go to class and get scolded. I kinda didn't enjoy my classes that time. However, my super nice classmates motivated me to keep going. They encouraged me and since then I keep improving (thank god). I'm still far from perfect, obviously, but at least now I know much more about ballet and I think I'm living my childhood dream now.

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If you just started your adult ballet journey and want to know what have people who are in the same path have learned, this post may be suitable for you. Of course, not everyone have the same experience or same pace. Some people may have learned more than what I'm going to share, and for some people may go slower. There's no right or wrong. It's just different people (or different teachers) have different pace.

Tips on taking adult beginner ballet class

So by the end of my 10th month learning adult ballet, I've learned:

1. Plie: both demi plie and grand plie
2. Tendu
3. Jete
4. 8 body directions: croise, enface, efface, a la second, ecarte, epaule with devant (front) or derrire
5. Rond de Jambe: a terre, on l'air, double rond de jambe with combination of en dehors and en dedans
6. Frappe
7. Fondu
8. Retire
9. Releve
10. Developpe
11. Port de bras
12. Saute: Changement de pied
13. Glissade
14. Assemble
15. Temps lie
16. Pirouette

Last word, it's always important to have a good warm-up and stretching before you start the class. It helps to prepare the muscles for the movement. I noticed when I just first started, I always had the 'click' sound from my ankles. I realized after few months it's due to lack of warm-up. Once I started to have a good warm-up I didn't have that sound anymore. So, always remember to have a good warm-up and stretching before you practice.

My ballet class term is ending this month. It's been busy period for me this July and I may need to skip my last class due to work commitment. Hope I still can keep up in my next term of adult ballet next week.

So are you interested to pick up adult ballet class too? Find out some ballet schools where you can take adult beginner ballet class.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Impact of Shopping to Modern Society

In this modern era, shopping is getting popular as a stress relieving activity in society. Some people even make it as a hobby or a routine after working hour or on weekend. People likes to go shopping because buying stuffs, especially on bargain or sale items, gives them a sense of achievement. Shopping also boost the individual's overall mood as they browse around for pretty displays and interact with other people during the process.

However, shopping makes people to consume more things than what they actually need. They tend to buy things thinking that they might need it in the future. When the things are on sale, their subconscious mind urge them to buy because it is considered a good deal and they wouldn't be able to get them cheaper any further.

Shopping also makes people to build debt because of their consumerism habit. People think that owning things has impact on social status. Owning especially expensive branded stuffs has become their priority and they do not care if they have financial capability to purchase them.

In other way, shopping can boost the local economy. With the ubiquitous of shopping malls and online shops nowadays, local business can get positive impact. They can market and sell their products easier and faster. Online shops open almost everyday, contributes to bigger stream of sales to local business.

In conclusion, shopping has more bad impact to society nowadays as it makes people to fall into consumerism and often lead them to big debt as result of their conspicuous consumption habit.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

3 Fun Things to Do at Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta, is a city in central Java, well-known for the famous heritage temples (such as Borobudur and Prambanan temple), education center, batik, and it's the only province in Indonesia with the monarchy system.

Here are unusual 3 fun things you can do at Yogyakarta:

1. Sandboarding at Gumuk Pasir
It's located around 1 hour driving from the Yogyakarta City. There's no entrance fee but there's around Rp15,000 parking fee. You can rent the sandboard for Rp 100,000/pc. You don't need to rent so many boards since you can take turn with your friends. Take a slide down at the sand hill and scream as loud as you want. It's such a fun activity to do. There's no time limitation for this activity.

2. Water Rafting at Sungai Elo
If you're beginner, go for the Sungai Elo water rafting (equivalent grade II AWA scale). You'll raft for 12.5KM in around 3 hours. Most of the operators will have 1 rest area where you can drink fresh coconut water. We spent around Rp 600,000 for 1 boat (5 pax including guide). If you want something more challenging, you can opt for another route Progo Atas or Progo Hulu. During weekend it can be very crowded so it's best if you can go during weekdays.

3. Cave Tubing at Goa Pindul
Goa Pindul is around 2 hours driving from the city. It's a relaxing water activity without swimming skill required. You just need to sit on the tube provided and a guide will pull you and group through the cave. The cave tubing only lasts for 30 minutes (it's 350m length) on normal day (when there's no many crowd). So if you want, you can get another activity river rafting. The name can be misleading. In fact, there's no rafting at all. It's the same as cave tubing but you'll do it on the river instead. This activity lasts for 1 hour. The total cost for 2 activities are Rp 70,000 - 90,000/pax.

Monday, March 20, 2017

My 6-months Adult Beginner Ballet Journey

I can't believe it that I've been doing my ballet classes for 6 months already. I'm happy to say that I still enjoy it so far and will keep continuing.

So, in this post I would like to share with you what have I done for the last 6 months of adult beginner ballet class. I hope this can be a motivation for you who wish to embark the same journey as me.

In the beginning, I signed up myself for an adult beginner ballet class in one of ballet school recommended by my friend who does ballet. I researched the schedule, the fee, the attire required, etc from their website. I went down to school to take a look how it was like and the staff was kind enough to show me around, explained everything and encouraged me not to give up. The next week I paid for my 1 term fee (for 8 beginner 1 classes on Sunday afternoon) and got my ballet shoe/slipper ready.

I remembered I was so nervous on my first class. I knew that my coordination was bad and my body was very stiff. But, I thought why not I just gave it a try since I paid already. Apparently, the class was fun though I kept getting muscle sore from the evening after the class. The teacher was kind and funny. For that 8 weeks I had been looking forward for my Sunday ballet class.

I made friends in the class and shared some thoughts of taking additional classes outside. So, I went to some trial classes at different schools. It was good to have additional classes but for some reasons the programs didn't suit me.

After finishing the 8-week classes, unfortunately I needed to find another full-package class as my favorite teacher doesn't teach the next level. I tried with 2 other teachers for the beginner 2 classes but I felt it's was too fast and there's a gap between what I learnt in beginner 1 and the beginner 2. Another friend recommended few other schools. I researched more on them and found there's one school that has more structured syllabus, in good location and has reasonable price.

Find out where you can take adult ballet class in Singapore here

I signed up for the second school with foundation level of 10-week classes. However, I decided to make use my open class card to retake my beginner 1 class (with my favorite teacher again) in first school as I still have 6 more slots to use (the card has 8 slots quota). So for the 6 weeks, I had 2 ballet classes in a week. I'm quite happy with this arrangement as one of them is very technical and slow pace, while the other one is faster and fun.

Now that I've been doing 6 months of ballet, I realize that:
1. I know more about basic ballet techniques: plie (demi & grand), tendus, frappe, pirouettes, etc.
2. I build strength especially on my leg and core muscles
3. My coordination is getting better and better
4. My posture is improved as in classes I need to always keep my back straight

If you're also doing the adult beginner ballet as me, don't give up. Though it's keep getting harder and harder, eventually you'll get the hang of it.

I motivated myself in the journey by buying myself another pair of ballet shoe which is made of canvas (my previous one was leather). By the time I wrote this post I haven't tried it yet. I'll give it a try on my next classes and see how it differ with my leather shoe.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cool Thing in Singapore: Leftover Coin Deposit Machine Traveler's Box

I found this cool machine in Changi Airport one day once I landed from weekend trip. It was located near the toilet entrance which I went to. While waiting for my sister I was curious reading the banner on the machine's body and checked out a bit what was the new machine for.

Traveler's Box leftover coins deposit machine
Traveler's Box, leftover coin deposit machine
Traveler's Box leftover coins deposit machine

The machine, Traveler's Box appeared to be deposit machine for foreign currency leftover coins (it does accept Singapore dollars). This machine will actually exchange based on its exchange rate (I have no idea whether the rate is good) and deposit your coins to your chosen partner's account. The partner's choice are from Amazon, PayPal, Apple iTunes, Skype, Starbucks, Facebook, Grab, etc.

Traveler's Box leftover coins deposit machine

Traveler's Box leftover coins deposit machine

Traveler's Box leftover coins deposit machine

Traveler's Box leftover coins deposit machine

This is such a great idea and helpful for frequent travelers to get rid the coins from their travelling. When you don't have much leftover it's difficult to exchange back to your local currency as banks or money changer don't accept small amount.

Based on the information I got, Traveler's Box is developed by three US based founders and have been installed at some other airports around the world. Currently Traveler's Box charging 3-10 percent processing fee but aiming to push the fee to partners in the future.