Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cool Thing in Singapore: Leftover Coin Deposit Machine Traveler's Box

I found this cool machine in Changi Airport one day once I landed from weekend trip. It was located near the toilet entrance which I went to. While waiting for my sister I was curious reading the banner on the machine's body and checked out a bit what was the new machine for.

Traveler's Box leftover coins deposit machine
Traveler's Box, leftover coin deposit machine
Traveler's Box leftover coins deposit machine

The machine, Traveler's Box appeared to be deposit machine for foreign currency leftover coins (it does accept Singapore dollars). This machine will actually exchange based on its exchange rate (I have no idea whether the rate is good) and deposit your coins to your chosen partner's account. The partner's choice are from Amazon, PayPal, Apple iTunes, Skype, Starbucks, Facebook, Grab, etc.

Traveler's Box leftover coins deposit machine

Traveler's Box leftover coins deposit machine

Traveler's Box leftover coins deposit machine

Traveler's Box leftover coins deposit machine

This is such a great idea and helpful for frequent travelers to get rid the coins from their travelling. When you don't have much leftover it's difficult to exchange back to your local currency as banks or money changer don't accept small amount.

Based on the information I got, Traveler's Box is developed by three US based founders and have been installed at some other airports around the world. Currently Traveler's Box charging 3-10 percent processing fee but aiming to push the fee to partners in the future.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Top Boring Unwanted Christmas Gifts You Should Avoid

Everybody had made this mistake at least once in lifetime, I guess. When you have long name list for the Christmas gift exchange ritual and you don't have any single idea what you should get for them, you will tend to get these boring and unwanted Christmas gifts because it's everywhere and it's on sale nearing the holiday seasons.

Here are the top unwanted Christmas gift you should avoid as much as possible. I have this list based on the opinion of people around me, so it may not be true for your friends and family.

1. Mug
I know you will think of getting it from Ikea. Just don't buy it for Christmas present.

2. Toiletries or hand cream
Especially the set that comes with shower gel and loofah or shower gel and body lotion. Or hand cream for ladies. I do use hand cream occasionally in office. But I haven't even finished one tube of 40ml for the past 2 years. With this kind of speed, I will be only happy to receive hand cream once every 3-4 years.

3. Photo Frame

4. Christmas Ornament

5. Soft toys
Not a good idea for adult.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Top Christmas Movies I Like to Rewatch

Have you feel the Christmas spirit already?
Have your neighborhood changed to light show at night already?
Christmas is coming. And the best activity I like to do during the holiday is rewatching some good movies or animation on pajama with a cup of warm chocolate (or any warm drinks).

During Christmas holiday I like to watch something magical, more into animation, or something adventurous. Here are my top Christmas movies that I like to rewatch:

1. Polar Express (2004)
This magical 3D animation is about a boy named Billy, who one day picked up by a train The Polar Express to North Pole.

2. Anastasia (1997)
Anastasia is one of my favorite animations so far. I like the pictures, I like the storyline, I like the guy (ehem ^_^) and I like the soundtracks. Follow Anya's adventure to find her family and her own identity.

3. Jack Frost Rise of the Guardian (2012)
This animation tells story about the children heroes Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Sandman together with Jack Frost trying to save the world from the Pitch Black.


4. Home Alone (1990)
I think for most people, Christmas always reminds them with Home Alone movie. This classic movie is still entertaining and family friendly to watch during Christmas holiday.

5. Harry Potter Series
I'm a big fan of Harry Potter. Which movie is more magical than the Harry Potter series?

6. Sister Act Series
In the mood of some musical & laugh? Maybe Sister Act is good choice to watch.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Seribu Rasa, Cozy and Elegant Indonesian Food Restaurant

If you happen to visit Jakarta (Menteng especially) you should come to this restaurant, Seribu Rasa. In English, Seribu Rasa means "thousand flavors" which I feel it really represents the restaurant itself. It has impressive choices of food, which not only cooked in Indonesian style but also other Asian countries' style.

The restaurant is cozy and elegant at the same time. It's good for little gathering with family or coworkers. But I need to warn you, make reservation in advance to avoid disappointment.

Everytime I come back to Indonesia, I need to get avocado juice. The texture is like smoothie with combination of avocado, ice, and condensed milk. It tastes different with Singapore's one because they put gula melaka inside. 

Avocado Juice

Black Pepper Squid Malioboro
Dessert: Klappertaart
This is the only dessert I always ordered every time I go to Seribu Rasa. Klappertaart, is a vanilla custard dessert with a mix of coconut inside. It's light and not so sweet. It's served chilled. Seribu Rasa has 2 flavors: Vanilla and Raisin.

Klappertaart Vanilla

Jl. Haji Agus Salim, No. 128, Menteng, Jakarta

Where you can take adult beginner ballet class

If you're thinking to try out adult beginner ballet class in Singapore, below are some schools that you can check out. I haven't tried all the schools yet and not familiar with some.

1. Singapore Dance Theatre, Bugis+
One time trial class is $25. If you're more adventurous, the 8-classes adult beginner class (Beginner 1) is $160. You can check out the website for the schedule details.

2. Ballet51, Bras Basah
The Pre-Beginner Intro to Adult Ballet class is $190 for 10 classes. Unfortunately they don't allow trial class at this level.

3. Dance Arts, Bugis
Trial 1-hour class is $25 and $220 for 12 classes.

4. Cheng Ballet Academy, Newton
Foundation trial class is $35.60.

Tips on taking adult beginner ballet class

*The information above are correct at the point this article is published

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

100 Days of Happiness: Creating Moments & Self-care

Day 36:

Today I took off day from work. But I still came to office area for one reason, definitely not work. I had a great lunch with my colleagues that usually I don't get lunch with. It was a relaxing afternoon for me as I didn't need to rush back to office. I could have my lunch and had good chat & laughter with them at the same time. It makes me realized that in one time it's important to create moment with people. You can't value them from the amount of money you spend, but you enjoy the moment you spend with them.

After lunch, I went to had ultrasound breast check for the first time in my life. It's a nerve-wrecking and uncomfortable experience for me. The staff put on a generous amount of warm gel to my breast and pressed them using a handy roller tool. Oh my, it's really uncomfortable. But I still need to do this as one of my self-care actions.

I also went to dentist today to get some treatment and used up my company benefit quota. Like most people, I don't like to go to dentist. I hate hearing the drilling sound of the machines that they use in the clinic. Before my appointment due, usually my brain will be busy looking for excuses not to come for the appointment. But, again, I need to do this to improve my dental health.

There are many ways to show you care to your body. The above are only 2 examples of thousand possibilities. Below are some suggestions:

1. Get enough sleep
2. Drink water
3. Eat healthy food
4. Reduce alcohol intake
5. Exercise
6. Indulge in dark chocolate once in a while
7. Go for vacation & de-stress