Thursday, October 2, 2014

Welcome, October 2014

Last month was a bad month for me. So many bad things happened in just 1 month. I'm a bit relieved that the month September has just passed and hoping October will be a good month for me and everyone. I also like October because I consider it as my lucky month.

After going through a tough month, I still want to be grateful and count my blessings starting this month.

I'll be visiting Japan in 2 weeks time and will be spending my birthday there with family. That'll be the best birthday so far in my life ^_^

I see some progress and improvement news at work both from my company and myself. I'm happy that I can actually contribute to the team and get a slight recognizition from colleagues. I do hope I can keep progressing & getting the rewards I deserve.

I notice that my interpersonal relationship and self-confidence are also improved. Currently, I enjoy socializing with more and more people. Thanks to the opportunities given to me to do so. I got to interact with more people with different characteristics and background and learn from them.

I'm happy that currently I have so many activities to keep my mind occupied and make my life less boring.

I'm happy even though I don't have much, but I have enough. 

Looking forward for all the good things coming to me!

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