Wednesday, August 31, 2016

100 Days of Happiness: Day 25 Don't Make Waiting a Habit

Day 25 Don't make waiting a habit

I just booked my dream trip to Europe for end of the year, together with my parents!

I have been contemplating for months whether I should join my buddies to our dream trip to Europe.

Today, I think I've been working so hard at work and outside work and I should deserve a good holiday. And, I checked the air ticket was not so expensive. So I just booked the air tickets.

After I finished make the booking, my mum called. I told her I just booked air ticket to Europe. She started nagging why I never booked for her too. So, that's how I ended up will go Europe with my parents. This is actually good thing because that means I won't be in the long & tiring flight alone.

You shouldn't wait for happiness.

This year end will be awesome. 

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