Sunday, October 30, 2016

16 Things I learned in My 20s

I just recently had my birthday (thanks for the wishes ^_^). Looking back to my 20s there are few valuable things I learned.

1. Not caring what people say

2. Stop comparing yourself with other people

3. Sometimes you can't figure out everything and it's ok

4. Build up knowledge so you won't make more mistakes
Be curious, do a lot of research, ask people.

5. Be brave enough to get notice
Speak up or take challenges more. Though you have bad at public speaking, take it as lessons for you to grow.

6. Pursue whatever your interests are
You'll glad that you start today

7. Don't take everything too serious
Everything will be fine.

8. Exercise regularly.

9. Save and invest

10. Finish the products you have before buying new ones

11. Be humble, there's always someone better than you

12. Try different thing or activity once in a while

13. Be grateful for the little things in life

14. Spend time with loved ones

15. Treat everyone with respect

16. Don't forget to smile everyday

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