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Tips on taking adult beginner ballet class

Tips on taking adult beginner ballet class

Ballet has been my childhood dream for the longest I've ever remembered. I've been talking about taking class since years ago but it never realized until this year. I finally decided to sign up the adult beginner class in one of recommended school in town by a friend.

The school does offer one time trial class at higher price. But I thought of taking this all the way till I reach my dream of dancing on pointe shoes. So I took the 8 classes adult beginner class. I was terrifed as students there were so good in coordination and flexible. But fortunately, the kind school lady explained to me that they're all not beginner already, while the class that I was taking was designed for someone like me, no experience before. She encouraged me to just do my best to follow the teacher & don't get intimidated by other students. They do better because most of them have taken the classes before and choose to retake the beginner class instead of taking the next level classes.

Now I've completed my 8 classes of adult beginner ballet class. Luckily my teacher was funny and he didn't really strict. I enjoyed the class so much that I always can't wait to go to the next class. I also made friends in the class ^_^. We share our stories and our learning journey. It's good to have someone that you can ask opiniom or discuss things together.

So I collected few tips if you're starting your first adult beginner class: 

1. Comfortable fitting outfit
You'll always be advised to wear thigh and t-shirt or leotard if you want. It's recommended to wear something you're comfortable with. I always wear t-shirt & thigh to class, even though some teachers are more strict that they want all students to wear leotard with pink thigh so they can see your muscle constraction & high hair bun. You can ask the school before you start the class.

2. Ballet slipper or socks
For the footwear, you're not going to start with pointe shoes straight away as it's dangerous to wear it without proper training. You must strengthen your ankle and learn the proper techique before wearing pointe shoes. So, for your beginner class,  either you get ballet slipper or just wear a pair of socks. I got my ballet slipper online at price of around $22 (I think).

My ballet slipper

3. Stretching your leg before class
This is important warm-up to do. In the class you'll do a lot of leg works, feet long stretched and pointed, jumping, etc. First few lessons, I always got cramped because I didn't do proper warm up.

4. Hydrate yourself
Bring a bottle of water with you to hydrate yourself.

5. Don't worry about mistakes. Just try
I really need to emphasize this. In the beginning, I was so shy to make mistakes. But after few classes I realized by acting this way I won't improve much. So I decided to throw away the shyness & follow the teacher closely (with high concentration when he's giving long combination of movements). Anyway everybody in the room has the same intention as you, to learn, not to judge you. After that I feel that I improve my movement better. 

Just a small hint here what you'll learn. The speed how the class progress varies depending on your teacher.

Ballet movements

Where you can take adult beginner ballet class in Singapore

Good luck for your ballet learning journey!

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