Monday, November 28, 2016

Top Boring Unwanted Christmas Gifts You Should Avoid

Everybody had made this mistake at least once in lifetime, I guess. When you have long name list for the Christmas gift exchange ritual and you don't have any single idea what you should get for them, you will tend to get these boring and unwanted Christmas gifts because it's everywhere and it's on sale nearing the holiday seasons.

Here are the top unwanted Christmas gift you should avoid as much as possible. I have this list based on the opinion of people around me, so it may not be true for your friends and family.

1. Mug
I know you will think of getting it from Ikea. Just don't buy it for Christmas present.

2. Toiletries or hand cream
Especially the set that comes with shower gel and loofah or shower gel and body lotion. Or hand cream for ladies. I do use hand cream occasionally in office. But I haven't even finished one tube of 40ml for the past 2 years. With this kind of speed, I will be only happy to receive hand cream once every 3-4 years.

3. Photo Frame

4. Christmas Ornament

5. Soft toys
Not a good idea for adult.

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