Monday, March 20, 2017

My 6-months Adult Beginner Ballet Journey

I can't believe it that I've been doing my ballet classes for 6 months already. I'm happy to say that I still enjoy it so far and will keep continuing.

So, in this post I would like to share with you what have I done for the last 6 months of adult beginner ballet class. I hope this can be a motivation for you who wish to embark the same journey as me.

In the beginning, I signed up myself for an adult beginner ballet class in one of ballet school recommended by my friend who does ballet. I researched the schedule, the fee, the attire required, etc from their website. I went down to school to take a look how it was like and the staff was kind enough to show me around, explained everything and encouraged me not to give up. The next week I paid for my 1 term fee (for 8 beginner 1 classes on Sunday afternoon) and got my ballet shoe/slipper ready.

I remembered I was so nervous on my first class. I knew that my coordination was bad and my body was very stiff. But, I thought why not I just gave it a try since I paid already. Apparently, the class was fun though I kept getting muscle sore from the evening after the class. The teacher was kind and funny. For that 8 weeks I had been looking forward for my Sunday ballet class.

I made friends in the class and shared some thoughts of taking additional classes outside. So, I went to some trial classes at different schools. It was good to have additional classes but for some reasons the programs didn't suit me.

After finishing the 8-week classes, unfortunately I needed to find another full-package class as my favorite teacher doesn't teach the next level. I tried with 2 other teachers for the beginner 2 classes but I felt it's was too fast and there's a gap between what I learnt in beginner 1 and the beginner 2. Another friend recommended few other schools. I researched more on them and found there's one school that has more structured syllabus, in good location and has reasonable price.

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I signed up for the second school with foundation level of 10-week classes. However, I decided to make use my open class card to retake my beginner 1 class (with my favorite teacher again) in first school as I still have 6 more slots to use (the card has 8 slots quota). So for the 6 weeks, I had 2 ballet classes in a week. I'm quite happy with this arrangement as one of them is very technical and slow pace, while the other one is faster and fun.

Now that I've been doing 6 months of ballet, I realize that:
1. I know more about basic ballet techniques: plie (demi & grand), tendus, frappe, pirouettes, etc.
2. I build strength especially on my leg and core muscles
3. My coordination is getting better and better
4. My posture is improved as in classes I need to always keep my back straight

If you're also doing the adult beginner ballet as me, don't give up. Though it's keep getting harder and harder, eventually you'll get the hang of it.

I motivated myself in the journey by buying myself another pair of ballet shoe which is made of canvas (my previous one was leather). By the time I wrote this post I haven't tried it yet. I'll give it a try on my next classes and see how it differ with my leather shoe.

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