Sunday, July 23, 2017

10-month Journey of Adult Ballet

10 month of adult ballet journey

Time flies! It's been 10 months now since I took my very first ballet class last year. It's been a tough period in the beginning, a lot of times I had contemplation whether to go to class and get scolded. I kinda didn't enjoy my classes that time. However, my super nice classmates motivated me to keep going. They encouraged me and since then I keep improving (thank god). I'm still far from perfect, obviously, but at least now I know much more about ballet and I think I'm living my childhood dream now.

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If you just started your adult ballet journey and want to know what have people who are in the same path have learned, this post may be suitable for you. Of course, not everyone have the same experience or same pace. Some people may have learned more than what I'm going to share, and for some people may go slower. There's no right or wrong. It's just different people (or different teachers) have different pace.

Tips on taking adult beginner ballet class

So by the end of my 10th month learning adult ballet, I've learned:

1. Plie: both demi plie and grand plie
2. Tendu
3. Jete
4. 8 body directions: croise, enface, efface, a la second, ecarte, epaule with devant (front) or derrire
5. Rond de Jambe: a terre, on l'air, double rond de jambe with combination of en dehors and en dedans
6. Frappe
7. Fondu
8. Retire
9. Releve
10. Developpe
11. Port de bras
12. Saute: Changement de pied
13. Glissade
14. Assemble
15. Temps lie
16. Pirouette

Last word, it's always important to have a good warm-up and stretching before you start the class. It helps to prepare the muscles for the movement. I noticed when I just first started, I always had the 'click' sound from my ankles. I realized after few months it's due to lack of warm-up. Once I started to have a good warm-up I didn't have that sound anymore. So, always remember to have a good warm-up and stretching before you practice.

My ballet class term is ending this month. It's been busy period for me this July and I may need to skip my last class due to work commitment. Hope I still can keep up in my next term of adult ballet next week.

So are you interested to pick up adult ballet class too? Find out some ballet schools where you can take adult beginner ballet class.

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