Monday, July 24, 2017

Book Review: Basic Principles of Classical Ballet

Hi fellow adult ballet learner,

I would like to share one useful book if you're just start picking up adult ballet, Basic Principles of Classical Ballet by Agrippina Vaganova. Maybe you heard of Vaganova ballet school in Russia. Yes, this book was written by Vaganova herself. Vaganova created a systematic ballet teaching system and is considered the best method so far.

Basic Principles of Classical Ballet - Agrippina Vaganova
Basic Principles of Classical Ballet - Agrippina Vaganova

The book was first released in year 1946 and has been republished since then. It covers all the fundamental theories of ballet movements, accompanied by 118 illustrations. It also includes the sample lessons with music accompaniment. It covers basic concepts of ballet, battements, rotary movements of the legs, the arms, jumps, beats, pointe work and turns.

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It's really a great accompaniment book for adult ballet beginner. It explains in details how the learner should do the movements. It's great that there are illustrations provided so learners can pick up the movements accurately and faster.

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