Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Impact of Shopping to Modern Society

In this modern era, shopping is getting popular as a stress relieving activity in society. Some people even make it as a hobby or a routine after working hour or on weekend. People likes to go shopping because buying stuffs, especially on bargain or sale items, gives them a sense of achievement. Shopping also boost the individual's overall mood as they browse around for pretty displays and interact with other people during the process.

However, shopping makes people to consume more things than what they actually need. They tend to buy things thinking that they might need it in the future. When the things are on sale, their subconscious mind urge them to buy because it is considered a good deal and they wouldn't be able to get them cheaper any further.

Shopping also makes people to build debt because of their consumerism habit. People think that owning things has impact on social status. Owning especially expensive branded stuffs has become their priority and they do not care if they have financial capability to purchase them.

In other way, shopping can boost the local economy. With the ubiquitous of shopping malls and online shops nowadays, local business can get positive impact. They can market and sell their products easier and faster. Online shops open almost everyday, contributes to bigger stream of sales to local business.

In conclusion, shopping has more bad impact to society nowadays as it makes people to fall into consumerism and often lead them to big debt as result of their conspicuous consumption habit.

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